WIP: AMT/ERTL A-Wing Part 4

Christmas, Cockpits and Pilots

I had a really nice Christmas and Boxing Day, we ate out on Christmas day, and Boxing Day was spent at my parents.  It’s been nice not having to cook for a few days!

The holiday festivities have died down now (although today is my birthday), so I had the chance to get a bit of painting in yesterday and today.

Painting the Cockpit

Yesterday just saw me assemble the A-Wing cockpit, and give the cockpit controls a quick light dusting of grey over the black basecoat to try and lift it up a little.

After this was done, I removed the masking, and re-painted the edges of the cockpit back to black.  Unfortunately, in my excitement of taking photos in the photo booth, I neglected to check the focus, so most of the cockpit is out of focus.

Also, despite failing to take a photo, I did make some plasticard panel covers for the holes in the bottom half of the fuselage that are there for the landing gear, which I’m not going to use.  I’m not quite sure how this will work out once painted, but they stand out a lot at the moment.  Hopefully they’ll look less out of place once primed, or else I might need a re-think.  I really don’t want to have to fill in with putty as I doubt I’ll get it smooth enough to look like it’s part of the hull plating.

Pilot Painting

The substitute A-Wing pilot received his first layers of paint today.  Looking at the Bandai painting guide (I have a Bandai 1:72 A-Wing too, but this is the AMT/ERTL older kit with a replacement pilot), it would appear that the pilot should be wearing a green jumpsuit, with black boots, gloves and jacket, and with beige shin things.  I painted and washed the green simply enough, and I’m going to try giving a few washes of Nuln Oil over the areas that should be black rather than to go flat black to retain some detail.

The helmet was Zandri Dust, which is a bit browner than it will be finally, but it goes on a little easier as it’s a base paint, so I get better coverage.

The blast shield / lenses are orange – I vaguely recall this being transparent amber on some pilots in Return of the Jedi, but I couldn’t be bothered to find a reference photo – I might be thinking of the wrong pilot!.  However it looks OK so I don’t mind too much.

Progress is slow, but getting there.


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