WIP: AMT/ERTL A-Wing Part 2

Preparation and More Construction

Most of today’s work was related to preparation to the cockpit parts.

Most of the cockpit is modelled to the top half of the A-Wing, however there is a rather basic pilot and a seat to contend with.  The quality of the modelling of the pilot is pretty messy and he’s not very detailed, however he will do for the purposes of this kit.  I prepared the pilot and seat by scraping away mold lines and sanding down edges after the parts were removed from the sprue.

As I’m going to paint these separately and before assembly, I had a quick look at the remaining sub-assemblies to spot anything else I might want to paint before putting the whole model together.  The only other parts that it makes sense to paint separately is the laser cannons, as they’ll need to be black, and it’ll be easier to paint them now and mask them, rather than having to mask the whole model to paint just those parts.

The cannons were removed from the sprue, along with their odd axle connecting rod, and again mold lines removed and sand paper was used to sand down anything troublesome areas.  The cannons were the  glued to the axle connecting rod, and I was very careful to make sure he two cannons were level.


Using my airbrush, I primed the cannons, pilot and cockpit seat black.  This took ages to dry in comparison with the models I normally paint, which along with how brittle it is compared to the plastic Ive been working with suggests a difference in the type of plastic in use.

The cannons need to remain black, so with a nice smooth layer done, no more work was needed with them.  The cockpit is described as being “neutral grey”, so once again using my airbrush and applied a thin, light layer of grey, applied at about a 45 degree angle from the top.  This was to add some natural shading to the details, and make things a little more interesting.  I’m going to brush paint the seat cushions brown later, but I think I’m going to use very thin paint so some of this pre shading remains visible.

The pilot needs a green flight suit, so I decided to apply a zenithal basecoat of grey, and a final layer of white, again retaining the pre-shading to help with shadows.  I’ve got a Bandai 1:72 A-Wing too, so I’ve had a look at the colour scheme of the pilot and will apply it where possible to this one.  I’m also probably going to whack on Return of the Jedi – just for a bit of research of course!

A word of warning about the photos, not only were they taken with my iPad, they are also taken  my living room, with questionable lighting due to the snow on my conservatory roof blocking a lot of it.

I’m also experimenting with hosting my images on Flickr, as I’m posting on various forums these days and want to reuse the pictures from one place, without chewing through my website bandwidth, so please excuse me whilst I get to grips with the size / approach.

A-Wing Cannons

A-Wing Cockpit Seat

A-Wing Pilot

Next steps are the fun parts, brush painting the pilot, seat cushions and cannon details, but with today being a footy day with both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies, I may not do anymore this weekend.

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