WIP: AMT/ERTL A-Wing Part 6

Excuses and Moaning

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks at work, and with the changes I’ve tried to make since the New Year, it’s been tough getting time in for hobbying.

This hasn’t stopped me watching season after season of GOT of course, but y’know how addictive that show is!
It’s not been a great week for me at work, I’ve been extremely stressed and not feeling particularly happy or satisfied with it – I have a good job, but sometimes the pressure and completely unreasonable deadlines on a large number of projects is just too much.  However this stuff is not what this blog is about, so I’ll leave it there.

I’m away next weekend, so I although I’m out this afternoon to see the guys and watch the footy, I knew I had to make at least some progress with the A-Wing, else I’m never going to make finish it.

Airbrushing Markings

Today, I masked off the white areas so that I could lay down a basecoat for the red markings.  I used Khorne Red through my airbrush, and tried where possible to lay it down neatly.  As always, neatness is not my strong suit, so there are areas I missed, and areas that need cleaning up afterwards from overspray.  To make matters worse, my computer is now bust, so I’m having to do all posts on my iPad, and take all photos on my. iPad, rather than my digital camera, which is getting on my nerves.  Yes I’m properly having a moan this morning!

I didn’t mask very well, so this has led to more overspray than I’d like – im retrospect, I should have painted. sub assemblies, and took the risk that I’d have to fill gaps afterwards and touch up then. I think I was partly put off taking this approach knowing that the fit of this kit wasn’t particularly great, so I knew some filling and sanding would be needed, and this would possibly ruin the paint job. Though of course this being a Star Wars Original Trilogy ship, I could have just weathered over any messed up bits, and that would have been fine!

Anyway, on to some pictures of progress:

The photos have been taken sneakily to hide the where I missed with the airbrush, so I’ll break out the hairy brush tomorroe and tidy this up.

I’m a little disappointed that all the preshading is pretty much wiped out by the areas in red, so i may have to go in with some washes to add some definition to panels, but I’ll see what I think once it’s been cleaned up.

Next Week

I doubt I’ll make any progress next weekend as I’m off to see a friend for the weekend. She and I are going to catch the latest Star Wars movie on Friday (I’ve managed to avoid all spoilers – a minor miracle), and then we’re off to the theatre to see a play with her friends, all of which I’m really looking forward to.

Thanks for visiting, comments, criticisms, suggestions and general ego massaging welcome as always…

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