WIP: Poe Dameron’s X Wing (Box Scale)

Small X-Wing

Worked on my Bandai Poe Damerons X-Wing this evening.

This is one of Bandai’s “vehicle” models, this means there a box scale rather than a specific consistent scale of model, and they are really quite small – palm sized really.

They don’t come with decals / transfers, but instead come with stickers for things like the patterns on the wings and windows on the canopy.  I was never going to use stickers, so these details were something I’d need to paint, and would likely need to break out the double-0 and triple-0 Windsor and Newton brushes on this one.

The kit is really detailed for such a small model, and only comes in a handful of push fit parts.  I’d already built this one a while back, and had airbrushed it black yonks ago.  I had also masked it off and airbrushed the bright orange panels, which was an absolute nightmare.  In the end I decided to brush paint the finer orange details (such as the wing markings) just because the masking is so irritating!  I don’t think I realised how frustrating masking would be, I had hoped to be able to use my airbrush more for these kinds of models, however, it is what it is.  In any case any painting method is still far better than using the kits stickers!

However, this wasn’t what I did tonight, that’s something I did weeks ago.


Tonight however, what I did do was add some white highlights to BB-8, and paint in some really thin orange panel details.  This was tricky, because he’s only a few millimetres in diameter, and not easy to get to.

I also painted and washed the details in what I imagine is the maintenance bay on the top at the back to bring out the detail using metals and a black wash respectively.

With the scale being so small, there isn’t any point trying to paint on too many highlights, washes would bring out the definition of any detail.


Finally, I decided to do a little weathering.  I wasn’t quite sure of the best way to do this; I had initially thought of using some graphite finely and using this , but the size of the model is tiny, I wasn’t convinced it was appropriate.

As the scale is so small, doing this clumsily would really look bad, so rather than try to brush paint these on, I thought I’d experiment using something else.  I grabbed a kitchen sponge, tore of a small piece and super glued this to a paperclip.  I then dipped this in some metallic paint, wiped off excess, and treated it like a rough light dry brush on areas of the model that I thought would see action.  This meant focussing on wing edges, the nose tip, and several other hard edges.

A few other spot weathering helped sell the effect to my eye at least.

As always, excuse the WIP photos from the iPad

I’m not ready to call this one “done” quite yet, as I think there’s a few places to tidy up, particularly around the canopy, and the orange rings around the engines.  Also I’d like to just take a look at the weathering on the nose and the detail of BB-8 with fresh eyes just to make sure I’m happy with it.

Overall, it’s coming together nicely.  Not too bad really for a first attempt at a starship model at this scale.

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