Why No Progress?

Chances to Paint Limited

Unfortunately, life has got in the way a little towards the end of this weekend that has inhibited my painting time.  I’m currently “pet-sitting” for my parents who have on holiday for a few days.  The pet in question is Indy the Cockatiel, who because I’m at work all day, really needs to be let out in the evening, and to have some attention.

The Real Indy the Cockatiel
The reason I can’t paint this weekend

As my parents break wasn’t a planned for them, I didn’t plan my week accordingly, meaning after I get home, cook and eat, really I have to let the little dude out as he’s chomping at the bit for a some freedom.  That’s eaten into the limited painting time I’ve set aside in the evening, as there’s no way I can paint with him out!

I’d booked Friday off work at the beginning of the week with a plan to paint all day, but that obviously has gone out of the window too!  Oh well I’ll get back to it next week again.

The Real Indy the Cockatiel
This is the “why are you pointing that iPad at me” look

Despite being unable to paint, I did spend a little bit of time getting organised.  I went on a hunt for my any basing materials I had, and I was pleased to find that I hadn’t binned them.  That means I’ll be able to actually finish the Mordor Orc archer “properly” that I’ve been working on.

As i was going through all the storage crates in the downstairs cupboard, I took the chance to move all the Lord of the Rings models out of various different crates into a single crate.  This will give me at least a little bit of an opportunity to catalogue what I actually have and find them for painting.

I also took any single models out of various model boxes, as I had bought a fair few from eBay and just popped them in various boxes for safe keeping.  It has made it tricky to know exactly what I had.  These have all now been moved into individual zip lock bags.  I do seem to have a bit of an issue with not having enough bases, but I’m sure I’ve got spares elsewhere that I can get.

LOTR Organised Chaos
LOTR Organised Chaos

The good news is at now I know what I have, I know what I’m interested in buying next on eBay / online from GW.  I have a few duplicates already, but that’s OK, it just gives me the chance to try out painting them a couple of times, and means I don’t have to fight the “fear” of starting and ruining a model that sometimes stops me making progress.

That’s all the hobbying I’ll be doing today, as I’m off out to watch the Wolves v Villa game in at Kenny’s Sports Bar in town in the evening with a few beers and probably some food.

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