WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 9

Attempting New Techniques

Not much painting time this week, but this weekend I did get a chance to move the Blood Claw along, taking the opportunity to try out a few more techniques I’ve note attempted before.

I also stuck him together at the end of the painting session, as now seemed to be as good a time as any.


Continued experiments in glazing for highlight and shadow transitions.  I’ve actually found a way to do it that seems to produce some OK results for this stage of my painting advancement.  The technique can be a little time consuming as I basically have to keep adding layers of both shadow and highlight over and over (and over) again until I’m satisfied with the transition.

I didn’t bother counting the layers, I just kept doing it until I felt happy.  There are few places where I became bored and didn’t complete it to the same level.  This is just to make sure I don’t get stuck spending all my painting time just working on a single armour panel for an hour long painting session.  I imagine I’ll get faster and more consistent with practice, but as this model is just an initial one to get used to the techniques and experiment with colour choices, it was always going to be a little rough.

Free Hand

I’ve really not attempted free hand painting before on a model.  I decided I wanted to free hand both the pack marking (a single triangle, so quite simple), and the Krom Dragongaze sigil.  The pack marking was straightforward, but I’m not too keen on the result.  I’ve intentionally only done a single red triangle on this guy, as depending on which pack the model belongs to, he will have a different marking.

The Great Company sigil was a lot scarier to paint, particularly given I was having to paint it on a shoulder pad that had mostly been painted with an airbrush to produce the transitions of colour, so cleaning up any mistakes would be tricky.  I broke down the sigil into basic shapes, and added outlines with very thin paint, and built up the layers.  I’m really pleased with the result for a first attempt.

Battle Damage

I didn’t prepare the model particularly well (bit of a theme here), and there was a horrible mess on one shin where I’d carved off a purity seal the last time I tried to paint this chap back when I was still at university (so probably twelve or thirteen years ago).  For some reason, I thought the primer would hide it, but with the airbrush primer layer being so thin, it was really obvious it was there.  I had been taking WIP photos intentionally not showing it because it looked a mess.  Rather than cleaning it up and repainting this area, I decided instead to try and add more character to the model by utilising this mess for some battle damage.

I did a bit of reading on how to do armour chipping on Space Marines, and after giving it a quick try, found an approach that sort of worked.

I mixed a darker shade of my basecoat colour, and added small (and in some cases not so small) lines on areas that I wanted to add battle damage to.  I think added some metallic paint to the middle and sometimes edges of these lines.  I then added a highlight using a slightly lighter shade of my highlight colour, normally focusing only on the lower edge of each area.  This was a bit of a paint to add after without accidentally covering more than ones intended, so next time I may apply the lighter colour first, then add the darker layer, then the metallics and see if that is easier.

When a little over the top in places, but was pleased with some of it.  It’s certainly added a bit more character to what was otherwise a bit of a boring model.

Eye Lenses

I’ve never tried to be too clever with eye lenses before, normally sticking with a basecoat, followed by a wash.  This time however I not only basecoated and washed the eye lens, I also added Nuln Oil into the top corner (careful so it is only in the top corner), a Troll Slayer Orange highlight in the bottom, and finally a small dot of white in the top corner to simulate a reflection of light.  It’s subtle and hard to spot, but I like the effect.


Seeing as it’s a Sunday, and as I haven’t posted for a few days, I thought I might as well take the WIP photos in the photo booth today.  This way the work I’ve done where things are a little small and subtle will be more noticable (as will the flaws!):

There’s still a few rough places that need touching up, and that pack marking shoulder pad needs to have some definition adding to it, but I feel he’s now almost there.

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