WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 7

Quick Update

Little time for hobbying this weekend, and with Wolves playing on TV last night, I wasn’t able to get the brushes and paints out until this evening, and even then after catching up with the Walking Dead.  Finished work late again, which did not help either!

Anyway, enough with the excuses.  When I finally got around to painting, I did a little work on the weapons of the Blood Claw.  This mainly consisted of a few layers of Evil Sunz Scarlett, to highlight the red of the weapon casings.


The bolt pistol photo is particularly blurred, but you get the gist of what I was working at.

I think the red on the chainsword, is coming along nicely now, though I might mix up a deeper shade for the lower end, and obviously I need to bring the highlights up further.

No work on the body tonight.

Please excuse the sponge in the background, that’s from something else I was working on!

Thats all for the post.

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