WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 6

Quick Update

Limited hobby time this weekend; I didn’t get a chance to do anything until Sunday.

Not much done on the Blood Claw, today, but I did set up the airbrush to clean up a messy highlight I saw on the grey shoulder pad.  Some kind of pooling was there, and it was enough to irritate me.  I probably wouldn’t have bothered using the airbrush for this, but I had it set up for another project (I’ll be making a second post about this shortly!).  This was done with Fenrisian Grey at a really low pressure, and actually went on pretty well.  I thought I’d try this same technique on one of the leg armour pieces that didn’t have much in the way of highlighting, but it just spattered for some reason there.  I think it could have dried a bit on the tip.  As I didn’t want to mess up the previous work I’d done on the main body, I just cleaned this up and left it there!

Then I moved on to an initial base coat of the metal (Vallejo Gun Metal), on the Blood Claw bolt pistol and on the chainsword.  I did screw up pretty badly on the pistol, which I tried to clear up using a damp finger, but just smeared the metal over the red casing.  Some days, you just know you’re not going to get very far!

I’ve cleaned this back up, but not done a very good job.  Another coat of red will be needed.

I also shaded both the red and the metal, along with working on the panel lines on the arms and backpack using the blue shade to erase the failed experiment with purple.  As I’m still doing WIP shots with my iPad, I’ve not got anything that really shows this clearly.

As he’s a pretty simple miniature, once I’ve cleaned up the various messes next week, added some highlights and done the eyes, I’ll probably mostly be done with him.  Not my best work, but he’s more of a trial mini.

From this kind of distance, it looks “ok” I think.

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