WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 6

Late Update, Slow Progress

I didn’t post yesterday, but I did paint.  I’m really enjoying the process on the Dwarf Slayer, and I think I’m learning a lot.

With most of the flesh parts “done”, other than some skin visible through gaps in the beard, I moved on to working on to highlighting the boots and pouches, and started on the wrist bracelets.   The boots, pouches and one of the wrist bracelets are the same grey-brown leather.  The highlights a touch rough, I find this particular colour difficult as it comes out very, very chalky.  I’m going to do some extra mixes to try and even things out, and will probably glaze these on to make it smoother and cleaner.

The other wrist bracelets were started, one in gold, and the other blue.  I really like the blue, it’s come out quite nicely.

Contrasting Colours

I’ve mostly used warm colours on this model (ruddy skin, orange beard, gold jewellery) so to even things out, I wanted to use a contrasting choice for one of the wrist bands.  The smaller one looked a bit like rope, but rather than add more brown, I decided to go with blue.  It’s small enough not to stand out like sore thumb, but I think it’s turned out nicely.

On to some pics:


The bracelets are visible from this view, and I like how they’ve come out.


This picture shows what I mean about the rough highlights on the boots.  Needs a bit of work, but doesn’t look too messy unless looking closely!


I forgot to mention I also added some further shading to the muscles on the shoulders and arms on this side, and added first shadows to the gold.  It’s not enough yet, and I’ve spotted a couple of places where the gold needs touching up.


Same comments so on the other side with the boots.

I’m now at the stage where I’m contemplating how best to handle the axes again.  I’m thinking of attempts a wood effect rather than basic metal, but I may have a quick try painting wood effects on something else before giving it a try on this guy.

Anyway, that’s it for the work done yesterday.  I may post again later if I think I’ve made any interesting progress.

Thanks for stopping by.

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