WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 5

Arms, Beard  Clasps, Boots and Pouches

With the beard, face and first arm at a point that’s largely done, I decided to push on and work on the on the remaining skin, and make a start on boots and pouches.  I’m getting to the point of this model where I’m quite happy with what I’ve done so far, so “the fear” is setting in.

What is “the fear”?  It’s the worry of ruining a partial paint job that’s going quite well.  The only way to get over “the fear” is to push through it, else you won’t complete the model.  This is a position I’ve been in before, and why  when I was younger I struggled to actually finish models.  That means I’m going to push on, past this stage as I know ultimately it stops me getting better.

With “the fear” recognised and rejected, I pushed on with the next stages…


I painted the remaining arm basecoat, highlights and initial shading following the same recipe as the face and other arm.  I’ve not quite finished off the flesh on the belly, as I’ve only taken the highlights partially up – I think I need to take it once step further, but need to stop short of the taking it up to the same level as the face and arms, as its on a lower part of the model.

Boots and Pouches

I then basecoated and added the first layers of brown to the pouches and boots.  I’ve gone for a greyer brown rather than my preferred “reddy” brown just because there is red in the skin tone, and also in some of the shading on the beard and I wanted variation.

The danger with this particular brown tone is that when I’ve used it before in the Mordor Orc, the highlights have been chalky, so I’m going to be careful to make sure the paint is thin enough, and also applied in a thin smooth layer.  Worst case scenario if that doesn’t work out to well, I’ll use washes and glazes to smooth it out afterwards.

Beard Clasps

Final efforts of today was adding a first layer of gold to the ties in the beard.  I quite like the effect, and I really love the Vallejo model air metallics, they are so smooth in comparison to the citadel equivalent.

On to the photos:

Dwarf Slayer Front

I really like how the gold works on this model.  I did wonder if another warm colour would be a bit much, but I think it works nicely so far.

Dwarf Slayer Left

Work on the boots can be seen here, I think again I’m happy with the colour choice and going for a greyer brown.   Once again, the gold is visible from this view, and works well even as just a basecoat.

Dwarf Slayer Back

Theres not too much been done on this side, other than a bit of work on the boots, and some more gold on tags and a signal on the right wrist.

Dwarf Slayer Right

The pouch on the right is painted in the same grey brown as the boots.

The boots and pouches still need their highlights taken up a few more notches, and I’ve yet to add any shading.  The gold also needs to be highlighted and shaded, as its only got a basecoat, but it’s coming together nicely.

I’m still attracted to the idea of blue and white striped trousers, but I’m concerned about whether I’ve got the skills to achieve what I want.  It may be safer to go for something simpler, or I may practice on another model to see how I do and get some confidence up before trying it on this one.

Anyway that’s enough doubt for one night, thanks for stopping by.

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