WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 3

Hobby Time

Today’s post is going to show a couple of days progress on the dwarf slayer that I’ve made.  A few distractions came my way towards the end of this week, so I’ve only really had a good crack at moving things forwards today.

I took today as holiday from work to get a few jobs done today, fully intending to fit in a good long session of painting too.  My plans were heavily jeopardised by being awoken in the early hours by a mouse in my bedroom.  This little nightmare has been popping up for a few months now, and although it went quiet for quit a few weeks, it had been back with a vengeance this week.  Lack of sleep is a nightmare.  It all came to a head in the early hours of this morning where I caught the critter in a reebok trainer, and managed to transfer him into a plastic container (with air holes).  After going back to bed for a bit, I then took the opportunity to set him free in a nearby field.

After releasing the rodent, I popped to town to do some jobs, bought a set of new models and I also took in the Thor: Ragnorok movie.  I took a while to get into it (there was something about the movie early on that didn’t feel quite right – perhaps it seemed like it was trying to be too similar to Guardians of the Galaxy with all the jokes), but half an hour in I was hooked and really enjoying it.

Anyway I’ve distracted myself here haven’t I, so I should get back on topic.

Initial Face Layering

My most recent efforts have been trying to focus on the Dwarf Slayer’s face.  I’m trying to push myself a little with this one, but I’m finding my technique isn’t quite there yet to be too clever.  I’ve been back and forward over a few sections of the face to try and get an effect I like, and I’ve had limited joy with glazes of different colours that I was intending to add some visual interest.

By around Thursday I’d added a reasonable amount of contrast, even if it didn’t show up in photos very well.

First Face Highlights

As I started with a mixed base tone, I applied the lighter shade as a highlight, and washed the darker shade into the recesses of the face.  The shadows are a little too subtle here, though I did remember to paint the nose and lips this time!

First Facial Highlights Close Up

The close up isn’t too bad, although there isn’t much contrast visible (which I guess is expected at this stage).

I spent a few days highlighting and shading, cleaning up and trying  add some tints to the face, but although I took a few photos of these changes, they looked far to messy, so I took the choice not to post or keep the,.

Final Face Highlights – too light?

Final highlight to the face were add, and no to my eyes he looks like he’s wearing joker makeup!  My photography skills don’t help, and it looks further washed out against the other flesh tone that’s only been basecoat end.

Being relatively happy with where the face is, at least for now, I moved on to the hair.  As tradition requires,my is hair needed to be bright orange so a thin Jokaero Orange was applied followed by a Feugan Orange shade.

Beard and hair basecoat and wash – photo a little blurred

I also experimented with my camera settings in this one (the camera was on “manual” mode).  I wanted to try and get a better picture as I’ve been a lit lazy thus far with the camera.

In my view, he seems to be coming along nicely now.

Tommorrow progress will be limited as I’ll be watching the boxing, but I may get a chance to paint in the morning if I skip breakfast and don’t have a lie-in.

Cheers for visiting.

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