WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 1

First Work In Progress 2017

It’s taken a while, but I put brush to paint to plastic over the last few evenings for pretty much the first time this year.  I have a small collection of Lord of the rings models from Games Workshop that I’ve mostly never even touched (mostly purchased from eBay), sat in plastic crates and boxes.  Thanks to “The Two Towers” being played on loop on Sky Movies one weekend (my favourite of the Lord of the Rings movies), I was tempted to break some out and start work on them.

The easiest ones to get my hands on that weren’t buried deep within the depths of my own version of Moria (my understairs cupboard – geeeek), were a box of Mordor Orcs.  These fellows had at least been glued together, though I can’t remember if they were that way when I bought them, or if I’d started trying to work on them a couple of years ago.

I started with an airbrushed zenithal undercoat, first layer black, second layer at 45 degree angle grey, and then finally an overhead mini blast of white.  I find although it doesn’t really help me with doing shadows, or highlights, it does help me find the detail on the miniature, and acts as a little cheats guide for where to place highlights and shadows.  Which as always, I will clumsily ignore anyway!

My citadel metallics are pretty much dried out, so I did purchase some Vallejo Model Air metallics, and although I’ve only used the “steel” so far, I’ve got to say I find them incredible.  The only drawback is they are so shiny, my Mordor Orc looked like he’s been polishing his armour instead of doing whatever a self respecting Orc should do.  I dirtied up the metallics later on in the week, but I think I’ve gone a few steps too far (or it could my photo skills).

So anyway, here is where I got up to last night in fits and starts over the last few days or so I worked on him:

First Mordor Orc WIP
First Mordor Orc WIP

I haven’t touched his feet, nor the fur snood (Google if you don’t know what “snood” is), and the bow has only been base costed.  I need to highlight and shade most parts, but it’s looking OK so far.

Started a WIP thread on CoolMiniOrNot starting with this fellow, and can be found here

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