WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 4

Back on the Case

After a weekend of no progress, I was looking forward to getting back to the hobby desk this evening, only to wake with a seriously sore neck!  It’s gradually worsened through the day at work, to the point where I was just really uncomfortable.  Fortunately, I stopped making excuses long enough to crack open the paints and at least make another step forward.

Stop winging about your neck and finish me!
Mordor Orc WIP 4

I think he’s chugging along quite nicely now.  I may just clean up the bow a little, have a go at the eyes and then just look to finish the base and call him done.  I’ve got plenty more of these guys to chip away at, so once I’m relatively happy I plan to move on to the next.

Cheers folks,

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