WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 3

Back to the Orc

After a painting session working something different, I’ve switched back to the Mordor Orc.  Only had a little time tonight, but I wanted to push through and get some progress…

Mordor Orc WIP 3
Mordor Orc WIP 3

Tried to glaze in some shadows on the bow, it’s not entirely clean, so I want to smooth that out a bit, but I can see how the effect would work, I just need to polish my technique.

Not 100% happy with the highlights on the darker brown of the shirt, perhaps again I need to smooth them out in the same way as the shadow.  It’s mainly about practising technique and experimenting at this stage.

The furry scarf bit looks OK from a distance, but in the photos, I think it shows up that it’s a bit messy.  From a distance, the contrast works pretty well.

Mordor Orc WIP 3 Closeup
Mordor Orc WIP 3 Closeup

Obligatory close up, he’s coming along nicely really.

I’m not sure what to do with the base yet, I don’t actually have any basing materials so I’ll have to get a couple of new internet orders in!

Suggestions for basing are more than welcome!

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