WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 2

WIP: Keeping Things Moving

A couple of small updates from today.  Painted the feet, the furry scarf, and added a couple of further highlights to the tan leather and the metal.  Still not happy with the bow though.

Mordor Orc WIP 2
Mordor Orc WIP 2

I would have done a little more today, but I needed to use a couple of paints that were still their original citadel pots.  Every time I need to use a colour that’s still in the original pot, I first water the paint down, shake it vigorously and transfer it to a plastic dropper bottle.  This takes a little time and is a bit messy, and isn’t something I enjoy doing, but makes life easier with transfer to my wet palette.

I still need to highlight all the darker leather, add shading to almost everywhere and sort that bow out, but still a bit of progress every day was my aim, and I’m managing it thus far!

My camera seems to pick up a lot of the imperfections I just don’t see with my own eyes, so I thought I’d do a close-up photo to help spot other places I need to clean up:

Mordor Orc WIP 2 Closeup
Mordor Orc WIP 2 Closeup

I’m not too happy with the highlights on the tan leather, it’s a bit too stark at the moment, so I’m planning on glazing this down a bit to bring it back together.  I’m also not sure if that loincloth type thing should really be metal or leather; I went with leather, but I’m really not sure now looking at it.  maybe on the next one!

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