FINISHED: Zombicide Walk of the Dead

Walking Dead

I had a real problem finishing this guy off.  I was really demotivated by how badly the base was, that I lost all interest in finishing this guy off, so he sat on my painting desk whilst I worked on the Mordor Orc.

I’d tried the citadel texture paints for the first time, and I really didn’t do a good job with it, and the edges of the base had a nasty horizontal mold line that looked really terrible and unfinished – but technically it was unfinished!

In the end, I rolled my sleeves up, filed and trimmed away the mold line on the base, and applied some sand as normal.  A quick black basecoat, a simple drybrush of a couple of different tones, a few clumps of static grass and a smooth coat on the base edge, and I was happy enough to claim that he’s done.

Say “Braiiiins” pretty boy

The highlights on the trousers still don’t look great on camera, but in person, it doesn’t look too bad.

“take a picture of my good side”

Doesnt lookup bad from this angle, I’m quite pleased with the base, simple but tidy which is what I was going for.

Where are you going?!?

I like the back, from a distance, I’m pleased with the tones for the shirt.  Contrast is very high and a bit rough, but I like the effect for a zombie.

The other side

This last photo is a little pointless as it doesn’t really show anything beyond the base, but for completeness, I thought I’d just pop it up.

Finished pictures are up on CoolMiniOrNot please vote and comment if you will!

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