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Images on CoolMiniOrNot

Boy do I love looking at this site.  Boy do I have a serious case of envy when I look at this site.  Boy do I not want to never pick up a paintbrush when I look at this site…

I can safely say that probably my most favourite part of the hobby is looking at the completed models done by other people.  I think there are some models and artists out there who produce things that are just incredible and at such an impossibly small scale, if I could manage to even come close to the average painter on that site, I’d be a happy dude!

I’ve had a profile on CoolMiniOrNot since 2013.  I joined, intended to post, and then never bothered for some reason.  I’ve never been into “communities” on the web, but seeing as how none of my social group in the real world are into this kind of hobby, it seems like the best way to learn and share.

I took the plunge this week to upload my first images – the Orcs shown on the previous post.  I wasn’t expecting too much (I voted my own at about a 5/10 – which seems to be more or less the general view), but I feel like I’ve taken the first steps into a different world.

Added my first forum post too, and I’m intending to create my own WIP thread, so that I can get some tips on how I should improve.  I’ve not taken the plunge yet with my own thread as really I am very much just starting out again – and I’m still a little embarrassed about the whole thing truth be told.  Bit weird because in the real world I’m a pretty confident guy – I guess it’s the “hidden behind computer screens” bit I don’t really like – I like to see the people I talk to!

Anyway, just wanted to say that my first models were on there, as basic as they are, and that they are there for review and comments:

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