WIP: Painting Space Wolves Blood Claws

Or a more accurate title really ought to be “how to ruin some Space Wolves Blood Claws”!

I have a lot of the latest iteration of Space Wolves Blood Claws / Grey Hunters, but I have an older set that I wish to work on first. I did paint these a few years ago, probably my last models before leaving the hobby, and they were at least base coated. Apparently, at some point, I’d undercoated over the original base coat, and for some reason I thought I might be able to paint over this and get a reasonable result. I was deluded.

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WIP: Ork Boyz Part 5

For the fourth day in a row, I’ve managed at least an hour of hobby time in the evening.  It’s now become part of my routine, and it’s becoming quite therapeutic; bang on some youtube videos, set things up, do some painting, then clear it down.  No more leaving the wet palette set up, and no making excuses!

I may not blog every day, or update my CMON WIP thread daily, but that’s more to do with preferring to spend time painting, and hobby time over taking pictures and writing about it.  I’ve also given up on being too transcribed with describing the paints used, as it was all getting a little too much documentation and note taking, and I’m enjoying it a lot more not worrying about keeping track of everything.  I suspect I will regret this however when I start to paint the next batch!

I’ve also decided to do away with the “Read More” links on the blog.  I think it’s more fun to see the pictures straight away, and besides, who wants to click when you don’t have to.

What’s Been Done?

Worked on highlights and cleaning bits up, and when I look at all of the together, I’m really happy with them.  Up close and personal shows the usual flaws, but I think I’m getting in the swing of things.

Also added an undercoat layer on the bases, which are separate (they’ll be removed from their current bases once I’m done with them), and pinned the heads onto paperclips on corks ready to start them.

Although I still want to do far more on the guns, the straps, and clean up the transitions on the red armour, I’m also going to start progressing the faces, just because it’ll help with motivation.

I’m enjoying the batch painting process, though five at a time may be a bit of a push for me personally, but I quite like the methodical repetition, it’s almost a bit like meditation!

Enough rambling, and on to the photos:

And finally, the mob together…


And there we are!


WIP: Ork Boyz Part 4

No painting on Saturday, this weekend, but I managed to get some in this morning.  I decided I’d block in the basecoats on the model today, as it would help me get the colour balance right.

I’ve been experimenting with painting using a much larger brush than I have done in the past, the theory being a good brush with a good point will mean it doesn’t make it any harder to paint, but having more paint carrying capacity on the brush will mean I don’t have to worry about the brush point drying during painting, which is something I’ve been finding recently.

I’m not yet sold on the red armour plates, but I’m going to persevere with it for now, the plan is to weather them with chipping on the edges to add some interest to something that’s otherwise quite flat.  The copper pistols don’t work, so I’m going to redo them in gun metal instead.

Also tried to take some better photos for a change, as I’m fed up of having terrible photos.  It takes longer to take them, and then sort out the white balance, but I think they look sufficiently better to be worth while.  I’m going to read up more on photography tips going forward to try and get better.  No point neglecting that aspect of the hobby!  If I get the hang of it, I may re-photo all the finished models I’ve done and re-upload them.

On to the pictures:




And now a mob shot:



WIP: Ork Boyz Part 3

I feel like I’ve finally turned a little bit of a corner with the motivation to paint again, and I’m looking to paint for at least an hour in the evening.  It’s feeling far more productive, and more relaxing than just doing the zombie TV binge watch and internet surfing I’ve been doing for the past few months!

I’m hoping to build, paint and complete many more models now, so I actually have a collection of completed models rather than just piles and piles of plastic on sprues in various boxes.

I’ve been continuing with the work on the skin of the Ork Boyz this evening, with a focus on adding some muscle fibres to them.  The skin tone is turning out darker than I had originally intended, but I’m starting to like how it’s moving along.  Photo’s after the jump.

I’ve been experimenting with washes and glazes to smooth out highlights and provide a kind of mellower skin tone with these models.  I’m reluctant to use the term “realistic” (they’re green!), but I’m enjoying the way various shades of brown interact with the green to provide a more muted appearance.  This is definitely not what I originally had intended, I was planning to go really bright and vivid, but I’m now veering away from that for something that looks a little more natural.  I will have to push up the contrast however as at the moment, I do think it looks a little flat, particularly on camera.

Today I’ve taken a few quick snaps of all five of the Orks I’m progressing, with a focus on the one side that shows the skin most effectively.  I’ll be painting the faces along the same lines, but I’ll be doing them completely separately from the model themselves as I plan to really go to town on them.

Also managed to stick a few initial layers of colour onto the red leather shirt, it wasn’t quite as browny-red as the Orks I did a few years ago (which I really liked the colour choice), but I believe I’m using the same recipe – I wonder if the paint pigment has settled a little and it needs more agitation to mix properly.  That or my notes on colour usage weren’t as complete as I thought!

On to pics – again, taken with an iPad in the hobby room and not in the light box (using some plasticard just to make it easier to avoid the camera getting confused with backgrounds), so not the best photographs, but it wouldn’t be a Droid Workshop post without an apology and terrible snaps now would it?

More progress planned for tomorrow.


WIP: Ork Boyz Part 2

The past few days I’ve been spending an hour or so painting in the evening, focusing on the Ork skin.  As with all well planned paint jobs, I’ve found that I wasn’t happy with the recipe – although the colour was vibrant, the highlights were too stark, so I’ve been re-working the skin via glazes and washes.

I’ve been holding off posting as I wasn’t happy with where things were, but in the interests of being active, I thought I’d post where I’d reached.

The refined skin recipe so far as applied so far:

PrimeStynylrez Black
Prime ZenithalStynylrez Grey
Prime ZenithalStynylrez White
Pre-ShadeBiel Tan Green
BasecoatWaaagh Flesh
WashBiel Tan Green
Mid Tone Layer 1Warboss Green
Mid Tone Layer 2Skarsnik Green
First HighlightSkarsnik Green + Flash Gitz Yellow
Final HighlightFlash Gitz Yellow
GlazeAgrax Earthshade

This has wiped out the highlights in the photo below, but I prefer the tone of the colour now in comparison to how it was (no photo of the prior stage I’m afraid!):

Please excuse both the iPad taken photos, and the fact that the Agrax Earthshade is still wet, but I wanted to catch the Liverpool vs Roma Champions League match, so I rushed!

I think the next step is to re-apply the highlights, and maybe add some muscle fibres in to add some interest.