A Little About Me

I build model kits.  Well, more precisely, I buy model kits, and then think about building them, and then actually just put them in storage!  I suppose that makes me more of a collector than a hobbiest, but that is all about to change.

I suppose a little bit about me is in order.  I’m a guy in my thirties from Stafford, who works as a product owner and developer for a web development company.  I find my job both a challenge and mentally tiring, but I have found that most recently I have been using it as a bit of an excuse to put off doing things that I want to do.

I’m a guy who loves movies and great to series, I can get really drawn into a brilliant story.  I’ve always enjoyed football, both playing (though now retired!) and watching, and I generally like having a laugh.  I think I’m quite witty, and I actually like to have the micky taken out of me more than I like to dish it out.  I only have a handful of friends as I prefer closer, more meaningful friendships over superficial relationships.  I’m not very open to those who don’t know me very well.

Although my job needs me to solve problems creatively, it also requires me to be organised, methodical and efficient; outside of work I’m very different!  In my personal life, I’m disorganised, untidy and my struggles in starting a task is matched only in my struggles to complete them!

After 10 years of focussing heavily on my career, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to do more of the things I enjoy, and this blog has been created to help with my motivation.  Let’s see how that works!

This blog has been a long time coming, as I’ve thought about it for a number of years, but I finally took the plunge after being indirectly inspired by a friend I’ve grown increasingly close with over the past couple of years.  She’s very creative, writing in her free time, whilst still having the energy to work full time and study for a degree.  How can I have any excuse not to do a bit of gluing and painting in my free time compared to that!  This has reminded me to make sure I focus on things that truly interest and matter to me, and made me realise that life is more than just work, and a life not doing the things you enjoy is a wasted one.  Enough of this self indulgent, uninteresting fluff, this is not a therapy session.

From time to time, I may also include other creative things I’ve done, but the main focus will be my model collection.

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